The DOSC Race Squad Telegraph - November Edition

17 November 2016
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17 November 2016, Comments: 0

The DOSC Race Squad Telegraph – November Edition

We all thoroughly enjoyed our worthwhile early starts on Friday morning…

…With the race committee appearing to be highly confident of Friday morning racing we were ready for action at the crack of dawn! However, team DOSC spent the entire morning doing none-regatta related activities and waited for the promised wind to arrive. Which it eventually did. Meanwhile, on the shore…

…Although I’m sure some people would have been very happy to spend their morning hosting the Emirates Heritage Club bottle flipping championships, I managed to convince a handful of our sailors to start dancing. In continuation of our fitness session from a few weeks previous, with the music pumping out loud and proud, we turned the grass into a stage and showed off our moves!

Later in the morning I introduced some of the group to the Kung Fu Panda game. This helped pass some more time as the postponement flag continued to fly. The game even attracted the attention of Vak, who took a shine to the “waaa” and “waching” noises coming from the table behind him. I thought he was going to join us!

Many hours later, with the first warning signal not sounding until around 1400, the racing began!

Team DOSC started strong with a bullet for Jamie Wilkinson in race one and top half finishes for Noah Fisk, Isaac Schotte and Ben Morgan. Many of the Laser 4.7’s started strong too with Tayte Stefaniuk, Oliver James Hill, Jentl Hanemaaijer and Marie Oldeman finishing in 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th respectively.

Races 2 and 3 only managed to get started at the second time of asking after a general recall in both races for the optimist fleet. The black flag then loomed for those who dared cross early! This didn’t deter the likes of Jamie, Noah, Isaac and Mathilde who ended the day, all in the top 15! Also, despite having a tough regatta, Athos Trigkonis recorded his best result of the weekend under the pressure of the black flag, finishing 14th in race 3.

The increasing breeze throughout the afternoon session also brought the Best out of Manolis Trigkonis (Laser Standard Fleet) and Ben Skelton, with a 3rd and 10th in race 3 respectively. In addition to this, after having a tough time back in October, it was great to see Oliver James Hill have his persistent hard work in training and at regattas rewarded with a bullet in the final race of the day.


Day 2:

When the race committee announced that they could be continuing with the plan for Saturday as per the sailing instructions (meaning an early start), many of us were quite sceptical. However, with the wind turning up early, we were racing by around half 10 (with only a minor postponement).

The race committee announced that the wind would be backing during the day, with a “dee dee dee dee” (or was it “da da da da” I’m still not sure) abandonment sound signal to be blasted from committee boat if the wind were to shift more than 45 degrees during racing.

The day proved to be a very challenging set of affairs inside the corniche, with the race committee having to lay 3 courses for the three races as the wind backed through 180 degrees. In addition to this, the breeze practically disappeared in patches, which lead us to thinking races would be abandoned. Despite this, the racing proceeded and our sailors were forced to adapt to the adverse conditions. The conditions even forced Oliver James Hill into his spray top. A decision he regretted after wearing it for the whole of race 4 in 30 degree heat and lack of wind! Jamie Wilkinson kicked off the Saturday session with a bullet in a race that included a double beat (with more than a 45 degree shift in my opinion, with no “dee dee dee” or “da da da”) due to the rapidly backing wind.


Other results from the Corniche on Saturday included:

A 3rd place finish for Isaac in race 5

Luke Sherry showing a great level of commitment, by returning to the race course after receiving treatment for an allergic reaction to something in the water, allowing him to record his best result in the regatta in race 6.

Tayte and his newly named boat, Tyrone, achieving their first bullet in the final race of the day.


In the prizes!

Optimist Junior Fleet:

1st – Jamie Wilkinson

2nd – Isaac Schotte

Optimist Girls Fleet:

2nd – Mathilde Oldeman

Laser 4.7:

2nd Tayte Stefaniuk

Special mentions:

Isaac – For making massive gains and picking off boats on the reaches on Friday, great attacking skills!

Ben – After managing to make his Rugby match on Friday morning, Ben wins the “Mr consistent” award for finish 5th in all but one race of the Optimist junior fleet all weekend!

Gwinny – For demonstrating some really good reflection on her races of how to improve. This is an essential skill for any budding young sailor!

Nauyn Prabhakar (Optimist class), as he is looking to join the DOSC race squad soon and he put in some great performances on the water. I’m sure he will be a great addition to the team, a very warm welcome!

All in all, another good weekend and from my point of view a pleasure to be out on the water with a great bunch of young people. Not all results went our way, but this groups of young sailors have a brilliant attitude towards learning and moving forward from the weekend. So it’s back into training next week, where Pippa and the team will be unpicking the outcomes of the weekend, in preparation for the next event, on home turf in January.






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